Sustainability. Seize the opportunities.
To comply with Scope 3, you need accurate, verified carbon emissions data about the crops you source. With DTN EcoField™ data, proof is quick and easy.

This sought-after information is available from DTN at the national, state, and field level—delivering a trusted, scalable solution. Get the info you need now.
As compliance with Scope 3 policy looms, your need to prove sustainably grown crops is here, simply and easily.

DTN EcoField data delivers detailed producer input and practices down to the field level, simplifying the search, saving time, and delivering confidence from the ag industry’s most comprehensive sustainability data including 19 grain types across 34 states.

DTN EcoField data is key to finding new business opportunities.
The need for validated carbon footprint data is growing, along with increased market demand for sustainable crops and grains. DTN EcoField data delivers this and more. 
Three sustainability trends were revealed in the USDA 2022 Census of Agriculture. And the findings may surprise you.
Discover three ways farm carbon emissions data are being used by consumer-packaged goods companies — and how to reap the benefits from sustainability data. 
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